Dr. Manuel Woersdoerfer’s paper published in the Springer journal ‘AI and Ethics.’

Dr. Manuel Woersdoerfer’s paper ‘The E.U.’s Artificial Intelligence Act – An Ordoliberal Assessment’ has been published in the Springer journal ‘AI and Ethics.’ Abstract of the paper: In light of the rise of generative AI and recent debates about the socio-political implications of large-language models and chatbots, this article investigates the E.U.’s Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA), the world’s first major attempt by a government body to address and mitigate the potentially negative impacts of AI technologies. The article critically analyzes the AIA from a distinct economic ethics perspective, i.e., ordoliberalism 2.0 – a perspective currently lacking in the academic literature. It evaluates, in particular, the AIA’s ordoliberal strengths and weaknesses and proposes reform measures that could be taken to strengthen the AIA.