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Teaching and learning with data investigation: Toward a socially and environmentally just world2023Peterson, Franziska
Symbolic Blending: Incorporating symbolic forms into conceptual blending to account for contextual conceptual understanding in equation construction and interpretation2023Thompson, John
Masking inequality with good intentions: Systemic bias, counterspaces, and discourse acquisition in STEM education2023Falconer, Heather
Sublethal Predation2023Lindsay, Sara
Integrating computer science into middle school science instruction: assessing barriers and opportunities across diverse school districts2023Siddons, Christina
Bruce, Mitchell
Callahan, Mia
Lindsay, Sara
Millay, Laura
McKay, Susan
Muncey, Elizabeth
Oesterlin, Emilie
Van der Eb, Marina
Maine principals’ views on emergency-certified teachers2023Fairman, Janet
Adapting the past to reimagine possible futures: Celebrating and critiquing WAC at 502023Falconer, Heather
A Temperature-Compensated Lithium Tantalate Sensor Platform2023Emanetoglu, Nuri
Epistemic discourses and conceptual coherence in students’ explanatory models: The case of ocean acidification and its impacts on oysters2023Sezen-Barrie, Asli
Miller-Rushing, Anica

Engaging teachers, education researchers, and scientists in authentic investigations with forestry data2023Peterson, Franziska
Siddons, Christina
Lindsay, Sara
McKay, Susan
Van der Eb, Marina
High-Temperature Wireless Sensor Platform Powered by Energy Scavenging2023Emanetoglu, Nuri
Investigating student ability to follow reasoning chains: The role of conceptual understanding2023Stetzer, MacKenzie
Reduction and enactment with digital images: What can 0s and 1s represent?2023Dimmel, Justin
Inclusive STEM: Transforming disciplinary writing instruction for a socially-just future2023Falconer, Heather
Multimodality as universality: Designing inclusive accessibility to graphical information2023Dimmel, Justin