Educational Programs at the RiSE Center

The RiSE Center provides and supports numerous opportunities for graduate education, professional learning, STEM education improvement, and learning communities for PK–16+ STEM educators statewide.

Graduate Studies and Teaching Fellowships

  • Master of Science in Teaching (MST): content-rich, research-based, program for secondary science and mathematics teachers
  • NSF Teaching Fellowship Program: mentor support and peer community for selected new science and mathematics teachers
  • STEM Education PhD: interdisciplinary program centered on improving STEM education through research

University Programs

  • FIG-MLA Program
    • Faculty course modification Incentive Grant (FIG): supports faculty with implementing evidence-based instructional practices
    • Maine Learning Assistants (MLA): opportunity for undergraduate students to serve as peer mentors and support FIG faculty
  • University Classroom Observation Program (UCOP): reciprocal exchange between the university and K–12 communities
  • University Professional Development: data-driven learning including an annual Teaching Symposium, workshops, and ongoing opportunities for faculty peer and teacher observation and feedback

Maine STEM Partnership

  • Research Practice Partnerships: focused on implementation of research-guided practices in STEM classrooms at all grade levels
  • Classroom Instructional Resources: research-supported, community-vetted instructional resources and material kits
  • Professional Learning Communities: statewide content discussions, assessment for learning, productive talk, and more
  • Annual Summit: convenes our larger community to celebrate the previous year and discuss current topics in STEM education