University STEM Education Improvement

The RiSE Center works closely with STEM administration, faculty, and students to promote the use of evidence-based STEM instructional practices at the undergraduate level.  Ongoing research (by RiSE Faculty as well as scholars at institutions across the world) is used to inform, design, and evaluate our University Programs.

University Programs include:

  • Faculty course modification incentive grant and Maine Learning Assistant  (FIG-MLA) Program, a highly successful program to assist faculty with implementing evidence-based instructional practices, such as student-centered classroom engagement, with the use of undergraduate students as peer mentors
  • University Classroom Observation Program (UCOP), a collaboration with middle and high school STEM teachers who observe and provide feedback to UMaine STEM faculty
  • A variety of data-driven professional development opportunities for STEM instructors, staff, undergraduate and graduate students at UMaine.  The RiSE Center frequently partners with the University of Maine’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning to offer workshops for the campus community.