NSF Teaching Fellowship

The RiSE Center supports new science and mathematics teachers in middle school and high school classrooms across the state through teaching fellowships funded by the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program.

Teaching fellowships were awarded to twenty MST students to support their successful transition to effective classroom teachers. In order to accomplish this, the RiSE Center brought together fellows and experienced leading teachers who serve as mentors. This group has grown into a cohesive, collegial community.

I love the fellowship and the people in it. I feel that we have connected as a community, and as a result the meetings are productive. I feel extremely supported. —NSF Teaching Fellow

Fellows, mentors, and RiSE Center staff meet regularly in a supportive and dynamic professional learning environment. Each year teaching challenges, current needs, and desired topics are evaluated and become the shared work of the community. Working groups are formed around these topics to discuss and brainstorm solutions. These smaller groups of teachers actively engage in research: trying out ideas in their classrooms and bringing that experience back to the groups. Successes and strategies are then shared with the broader teaching community. A poster about the Fellowship program can be found here.

The conversations at the meetings have been valuable and the work we are doing together has immediate use in the classroom. Even as a mentor I am growing and learning as a professional during my time with the NSF Fellows. —NSF Teaching Mentor

2020-2021 Working Groups

Cognitive Demand

  • Cam Fudge
  • Kate Hayes
  • Justin Lewin
  • Samantha Poll
  • Lauren Swalec

Equity & Access

  • Helene Adams
  • Lisa Delfino
  • Gabrielle Holt
  • Brian Smith
  • Betsy Trenckmann
  • Joe Walter


  • Mia Callahan
  • Jenn Dunham
  • Jenn Fronczak
  • Drew Myers
  • Reilly Romanoski
  • Stephanie Virgilio
  • Sam Ward
  • Jen Wright

Student Engagement

  • Michele Benoit
  • Kathy Dixon-Wallace
  • Kate Dumont
  • Dan Gibson
  • Kendra Hanna
  • Nick Innis
  • Margo Murphy
  • David Rondeau
  • Chrissy Siddons
  • Amy Taylor
  • Emma Toth
  • Isaac Walton

Student Relationships

  • Grace Coffe
  • Erin Doran
  • Billy Ferm
  • Katie Flavin
  • Jim Fratini
  • Bob Kumpa
  • Laurie Spooner

For more information, please contact:

Beth Byerssmall
NSF Teaching Fellowship Program Coordinator