There are numerous resources available to support faculty at UMaine in teaching, research and service. UMaine’s institutional NCFDD membership provides faculty with access to a range of training resources tailored to their career stage. In addition to workshops, trainings, and related professional development opportunities offered by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL), the Office of Research Development (ORD), and Fogler Library, NCFDD mini-courses and UMaine’s faculty development library may prove useful. Information about Promotion-and-Tenure processes and procedures, including recent  videos and slides (2022), is available here.

Early-Career Faculty 

NCFDD Resources for Early-Career faculty

Tenure and promotion

  1. Multi-Week Course: Preparing Tenure and Promotion Materials
  2. How to Develop a Daily Writing Practice
  3. NCFDD Discussion Panel: “What I Wished I Would Have Known After Earning Tenure”
  4. How To Prepare Your Tenure File

Other relevant courses

  1. Multi-Week Course: Teaching in No Time: How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Semester
  2. Multi Week Course: Imposter Syndrome: How To Recognize It, Overcome It and Realize Your Academic Goals

Mid-Career Faculty

NCFDD Resources for faculty seeking promotion to professor

  1. Multi-Week Course: Making The Case: Preparing Your Dossier for Promotion to Full Professor
  2. Exposing the Hidden Curriculum: Cultivating Structural and Systemic Change for Mid-Career Faculty Advancement
  3. Navigating Faculty Career Transitions: Getting to Mid-Career and Beyond
  4. Moving From Associate to Full Professor
  5. NCFDD Discussion Panel: “What I Wished I Would Have Known after Becoming a Full Professor”

Teaching and Research Support 

CITL   (Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning)

New Faculty Community of Practice on Teaching at UMaine (CITL, UMaine) 

Approaches to AI in the Classroom (CITL, UMaine)

ORD (Office of Research Development)

Office of Research Development Workshops  (ORD, UMaine) 

Research Development Events  (ORD, UMaine) 


Finding Research Funding and Grants (Fogler Library, UMaine) 

Finding Research Funding and Grants Part II (Fogler Library, UMaine) 

NCFDD Research-related Resources

Power Your Research: Academic Branding

Navigating the Barriers to Getting Your STEM Grant Funded

NSF CAREER Awards: Strategies, Tips and Advice from Recent Recipients

UMaine Mentorship Opportunities


External Mentorship Program

North Star Collective

Work/Life Balance

Achieving Work-Life Balance (Rising Tide Center, UMaine)


Webinar: Faculty and Staff Burnout: What To Do About It (ACE)

Addressing Burnout Through Cultural Change (ACE) 

Effective Strategies for Combating Faculty Burnout (ACE)

NCFDD Work/Life Balance Resources

Rising Above Burnout

Supporting Faculty During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Core Conversations: Protecting Your Boundaries and Well-Being

Wellness and Technology

Preparing for Parenthood on the Tenure Clock

Academic Freedom 

Please visit our page on academic freedom for an array of resources compiled by the University of Colorado, the University of Utah, and the University of Oregon.