Academic Freedom 

The list below draws on, and supplements, resources compiled by the University of Colorado, the University of Utah, and the University of Oregon.

Academic Freedom and the Public University Conference, University of Oregon, October 14, 2022 (University of Oregon) 

Conference Recording 

Academe: Academic Freedom. (The blog of Academe magazine)

Academic FreedomJennifer Lackey, ed. (2018).

Academic Freedom Resources. (American Association of University Professors)

AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom 

Confronting Threats and Harassment Against Faculty. (PEN America)

Dear Professor, Be Careful with Those Tweets, OK? Academic Freedom and Social MediaPS: Political Science & Politics 

Defending Research Against Unfounded Attack. The American Psychological Association.

Democracy, Expertise, and Academic FreedomRobert Post (2013).

External Engagement Support Resources for University Employees (University of Oregon, 2022)

Faculty First Responders

Fighting Targeted Harassment of FacultyAmerican Association of University Professors.

Free Speech and Koch Money: Manufacturing a Campus Culture WarRalph Wilson and Isaac Kamola.

Free Speech on CampusErwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman (2017).

If There is an Organized Outrage Machine, We Need an Organized ResponseChronicle of Higher Education

Index of Educational Gag OrdersPEN America. 

It’s Not Free Speech: Race, Democracy, and the Future of Academic FreedomMichael Bérubé and Jennifer Ruth (2022).

Joint Statement on Legislative Efforts to Restrict Education about Racism and American History (American Historical Association).

Knowledge, Power and Academic FreedomJoan Wallach Scott (2019).

Managing HarassmentUniversity of Iowa.

Managing Political Tensions: Strategies to counter hate, extremism, and violence on campusChronicle of Higher Education

Online Harassment (Field Manual). PEN America.

Promoting Sociological Research: A Toolkit. Compiled by the American Sociological Association’s Task Force on Social Media.

Report of the Committee on Freedom of ExpressionUniversity of Chicago.

Science in an Age of Scrutiny: How Scientists Can Respond to Criticism and Personal AttacksThe Union of Concerned Scientists. 

Social Media and Information TechnologyHarvard University.

Stop Hyping Academic FreedomPublic Books.

Targeted: Surviving Social Media Attacks. Inside Higher Education.

Teaching in Turbulent Times ToolkitUniversity of Oregon, Teaching Engagement Program (TEP).

The Future of Academic FreedomHenry Reichman (2019).

The Future of Academic Freedom. Louis Menand, ed. (1996).

The Redbook (Policy Documents and Reports)AAUP.

The University is Not a Public Square: An Interview with Michael Bérubé and Jennifer Ruth About It’s Not Free Speech: Race, Democracy, and the Future of Academic FreedomSociety (2022).

Trolling Attacks on Scholars: Faculty Action. The University of Illinois.

Understanding Academic FreedomHenry Reichman (2022)

Who’s Afraid of Academic Freedom? Akil Bilgrami and Jonathan Cole, eds. (2015).