New Faculty Community of Practice on Teaching at UMaine

In-person preferred, but we can accommodate hybrid if you need to be remote.

Biweekly, Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00pm 

Together, explore and learn about UMaine’s students, policies, and develop a strong foundation of teaching skills through the exploration of case studies and actual scenarios from the classroom.  In parallel we will work on developing your teaching development plan to help guide your teaching goals at UMaine. A great way to meet colleagues and learn more about UMaine, teaching, and your own professional development.


  • Draft a teaching development plan to guide your educational development.
  • Cultivate a critically reflective practice around teaching and pedagogy.
  • Begin building a teaching portfolio for use in the review/evaluation process.
  • Develop a teaching practice that aligns with your philosophy and makes teaching an enjoyable experience, while supporting students.
  • Identify university and departmental resources.
  • Network and share with other new faculty members.

Meeting Dates

September 12th, September 26th, October 10th*, October 24th, November 7th, November 21st, & December 5th

*this is during Fall break, we can reschedule if required/requested.

This CoP is no longer accepting registrations.

Recently hired faculty can look to another iteration next fall!