Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – Spring 2023


Alternate Thursdays at 3:00-4:00pm starting January 19th; opposite Thursdays can be reserved for optional  asynchronous/small group work

Innovation in teaching provides exciting opportunities for research and scholarship on teaching practices. 

In this CoP, we will engage with peer mentoring and feedback as we:

  • explore the fundamentals of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,
  • identify a relevant research question for your course,
  • find entry points into SoTL literature,
  • generate background research,
  • design your study,
  • draft an IRB application
  • identify common methodologies and approaches to SoTL

Part learning community, part working group, the aim of this group will be to dedicate time to work and learn together about initiating SoTL research in your classrooms.  Novice to skilled SoTL practitioners are welcome to attend. 

This CoP is a continuation of a community that started in the Fall semester new participants are welcome. 

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Changing the status of the problem in teaching from terminal remediation to ongoing investigation is precisely what the movement for a scholarship of teaching is all about.” – Randy Bass; The Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the Problem