Checklist for New Faculty – Welcome to UMaine! Please review this to-do list in your first days on campus. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation is a two-day event held in mid-August to welcome new faculty to UMaine, help them acclimate, and provide an opportunity to meet a range of academic leaders and fellow faculty. It features roundtables on instructional technology, research, advising, and DEI initiatives at UMaine. The August 2023 program is available here

UMaine Faculty Development Workshop Series

The UMaine Faculty Development Workshops take place on Fridays from 12:00-1 p.m. throughout the academic year. This 12-part workshop series (see below), which is designed for recently-hired and early career faculty (including part-time faculty), but open to all interested faculty, has three aims: first, to offer a regular opportunity for faculty relatively new to UMaine to build relationships with colleagues across the university; second, to provide early career faculty with the resources (i.e., contacts, tools, skills, and habits of mind) to navigate academic life and find fulfillment at UMaine; and, third, to deepen connection and strengthen community by facilitating the interaction of new faculty and more experienced faculty and academic leaders through structured dialogue (e.g., thematic panels). Most UMaine Faculty Development Workshops are organized around the NCFDD “Core Curriculum” webinar series, supplemented with UMaine-specific resources and campus expertise.

For questions about this program, please contact the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development

Session 1 — September 22nd
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Rachel Schattman (NSFA, Food and Agriculture) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: Goal-setting 
NCFDD webinar:Every semester (term) needs a plan    

Session 2 — October 13th via Zoom
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Amelia Couture Bue (CLAS, Media Studies), Prof. Gregory Nelson (MCEC, Computer Science) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: Departmental Expectations and Faculty Evaluation 
NCFDD webinar: How to align your time with your priorities

Session 3 – October 27th
CITL-led session 

Session 4 — November 3rd
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Karissa Tilbury (MCEC, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: Enhancing Your Success in Research and/or Creative Practice
NCFDD webinar: How to develop a daily writing practice 

Session 5 — December 11th via Zoom (Monday)
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Rebecca DeWan (CLAS, Music Education) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: Managing your life as an academic 
NCFDD webinar: Mastering academic time management

Session 6 — January 12th
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Sarah Walton (CLAS, Sociology) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: External Funding
NCFDD webinar: Moving from resistance to writing 

Session 7 — January 26th
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Amanda Klemmer (NSFA, Biology and Ecology) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: Contributing to UMaine through service
NCFDD webinar: The art of saying no

Session 8 – Mentoring and Advising Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Session 9 – February 9th 
CITL-led session

Session 10 — February 23rd
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Daniel Puhlman (COEHD, Family Studies) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: Networking and Mentorship
NCFDD webinar: Cultivating your network of mentors, sponsors, & collaborators 

Session 11 — March 22nd
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Liliana Herakova (CLAS, Communication and Journalism), Prof. Nadège Levallet (MBS, Management and Info Systems), and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs) 
Topic: Successfully Navigating Challenges in the Classroom
NCFDD webinar: Overcoming academic perfectionism 

Session 12 — May 17th 
Co-Facilitators: Prof. Kelley Strout (NSFA, Nursing) and Gabe Paquette (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
Topic: Promoting Wellness, Coping with Burnout and Dealing with Setbacks
NCFDD webinar: Strategies for Dealing with Stress & Rejection