University of Maine is an institutional member of the (NCFDD). The NCFDD is a well-regarded independent organization dedicated to supporting faculty, particularly under-represented faculty, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students in making successful transitions throughout their careers. NCFDD provides online career development, training, and mentoring resources.

In addition, UMaine annually supports faculty to participate in the NCFDD Faculty Success Program.

An overview of membership resources can be found here.

NCFDD resources include:

14-Day Writing Challenge

Multiple times each year, NCFDD offers a 14-Day Writing Challenge . The challenge is to write for at least 30 minutes every day (M-F) for two weeks. By registering for the 14-Day Writing Challenge, you are connected to a community working to meet the same goals and holding each other accountable.

Writing Accountability Buddy

You can request to be matched with a writing accountability buddy of a similar rank/title. NCFDD will match buddies as they receive requests.

How to Activate Your University of Maine Sponsored Membership:

  1. Go to the NCFDD website (
  2. Select the “Become a Member” tab and choose “Claim Your Institutional Membership.”
  3. Within the list of universities, click on “University of Maine.”
  4. Complete the registration form by following all instructions. Be sure to provide your UMaine email address.
  5. Once you have submitted your registration information and NCFDD has approved your connection to UMaine, you should receive a welcome email.


(requires NCFDD membership; see activation instructions above)

A full list of NCFDD’s webinars can be found here


 FULL-LENGTH WEBINARS (Representative Sample)

NCFDD Faculty Success Program

The NCFDD offers a virtual training opportunity called the Faculty Success Program. This program has an additional cost associated with it, shared between the Office of the Provost and the respective college. A 12-week program, aimed at tenure-track faculty, develops skills and habits to increase research and writing productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Among its features are a supportive community, time-tracking techniques, individual coaching sessions, weekly trainings, and accountability sessions. 18 UMaine faculty members have participated in the Faculty Success Program. You should speak with your Chair and Associate Dean about available cost sharing to enable your participation in this program.

Spring 2022

Rebecca Buchanan, COEHD, School of Learning and Teaching

Jacquelyn Gill, NSFA, School of Biology and Ecology

Liliana Herakova, CLAS, Communication and Journalism

Nadege Levallet, MBS, Management and Information Systems

Bonnie Newsom, CLAS, Anthropology

Daniel Puhlman, COEHD, Family Studies

Karissa Tilbury, MCEC, Chemical Engineering

Matthew Wallhead, NSFA, School of Food and Agriculture

Luis Zambrano-Cruzatty, MCEC, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Spring 2023

Amanda Klemmer, NSFA, School of Biology

Rachel Schattman, NSFA, School of Food and Agriculture

Summer 2023

Asif Nawaz, CLAS, History/International Affairs

Rebecca DeWan, CLAS, School of Performing Arts

Haley Schneider, CLAS, Communication and Journalism

Sarah Luis Walton, CLAS, Sociology

Greg Nelson, CLAS, School of Computer and Info Science

Amelia Couture Bue, CLAS, Communication and Journalism