Important Dates for Online Student Evaluations of Teaching – Spring 2020

All important dates as well as other online evaluation resources can be found here:

Important SET Dates for Spring 2020

The following online student evaluations of teaching event dates apply to standard full-semester courses at UMaine and UMM. Please visit the OIRA website for dates that apply to shorter courses.

Question Personalization (Faculty add up to 10 of your own questions):

Begin date: April 7, 2020

End date: April 19, 2020

Survey Opens for Students (Students receive an email with a link to the evaluations):

1st email: April 20, 2020

Reminder email: April 24, 2020

End date: May 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm

Students will receive reminder emails only if they have not completed a submission.

Monitor Response Rates (Faculty watch your response rates):

Begin date: April 20, 2020

End date: May 1, 2020