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Policies Governing Online Evaluations

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Inclusion & Exclusion Requests

Departmental administrative personnel can request that courses be included in or excluded from student evaluations of teaching by filling out the following forms.

SET Course Inclusion Requests – An inclusion request is only necessary if a course needs to be evaluated that is an: Independent Study, Thesis Credit, or Travel Abroad (with subject ABD) course, or a course with an enrollment fewer than three students.

SET Course Exclusion Requests – All courses with an enrollment of 3 or more are automatically evaluated except those with components IND, THS or TRV (with subject ABD). If an automatically evaluated course needs to be excluded from evaluations, use this form.

SET Instructor Exclusion Requests – If a course coordinator or other non-teaching faculty listed on a course needs to be excluded from evaluations, use this form.

Standard Questions

The following are the lists of standard questions for student evaluation of teaching:

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downloadUMaine Machias SET – up to 2020 (pdf)

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downloadUMaine School of Engineering Technology SET (pdf)

General Information

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