StillWater Ripple

Organizations working to make a better world may soon get help from students with design and technical skills, thanks to a new initiative from Still Water, a lab at the University of Maine dedicated to studying and building creative networks,

Crises like climate change and the pandemic require smart and creative people, yet there is a yawning gap between the urgent needs of local economies and ecologies and the traditional paradigm by which higher education shares knowledge, which is often obscured with domain jargon or locked away in paywalled articles.

The Ripple initiative from UMaine’s Still Water lab aims to listen and respond to community need with practical tools from digital designs to websites to mobile apps. Firms dedicated to helping local ecosystems to thrive are especially encouraged to apply. We see this as a fulfillment of the University of Maine’s obligation as a land- and sea-grant university to serve the earth and its people.

Nonprofits and businesses working for public causes will be able to apply for support from faculty and students in New Media and other programs. For their part, students who participate in Ripple earn hands-on experience working with clients for the public good, and make connections that can be valuable for their future careers.

For more information contact Prof Joline Blais