Joline Blais

Joline is Associate Professor of New Media.  Her work explores digital narrative and digital design tools to support regenerative communities & ecosystems.  She teaches courses in Designing Humane Tech, Digital Narrative, Designing Websites for Community Partners, and Digital Photography & Storytelling.

She co-directs the Still Water lab, is a faculty advisor on the Terrell House Permaculture Project, and founded LongGreenHouse, a collaboration between the Wabanaki and university communities.

Joline is a co-founding partner of the Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage, a net-zero community whose design won the 2011 Green Project of the Year.

Her book At the Edge of Art (2006) investigates how new strategies of empowerment work in communities of new media artists, and how these practices reshape art and real world contexts.

Her recent projects with partner SYRA (Sustainable Year Round Agriculture, an MTI cluster)  includes Mag App, an app to help Maine farmers aggregate sensor data for greenhouses to allow them to grow food year round. With New Media students and interns, she has also organized the development and ongoing construction of a virtual and live Wild Blueberry Museum in support of Maine small blueberry growers.

The StillWater Ripple Initiative builds on these student/community partnerships to invigorate learning and support thriving communities in Maine.

See Portfolio for more info.