Shaker Entangled Ecologies ar Reticle 2

NEH augmented reality app reveals forest secrets

Entangled Ecologies, a NEH-funded augmented reality project by New Media’s Joline Blais and Dartmouth’s John Bell, enriches any visit to New Hampshire’s Shaker Forest with a rich blend of historical and ecological research.

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Wild Blueberry Heritage Center

Innovative museum celebrates the wild blueberry

Cherished for its myriad health benefits and cultivated by both Native and Maine farmers, the wild blueberry is an unequaled superfood. A team led by Joline Blais, New Media professor and president of the Wild Blueberry Heritage Center, has launched a first-of-its-kind museum to celebrate this distinct fruit and its growers.

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Joline Blais and Stephanie Burnett in the Roger Clapp Greenhouse

Student-built app helps Maine farmers grow food year-round

Consumers are increasingly eager to eat local produce, but farm-to-table options in the cold season aren’t always easy to find in a northern state like Maine. That could change thanks to a new mobile app designed to help farmers optimize greenhouse conditions in the winter months, from a team led by New Media faculty and […]

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