Undergraduate Program

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers an ABET-accredited undergraduate program leading to a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering.

Students at UMaine who are interested in transferring to mechanical engineering from another major should refer to the Change of Major Policies.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

In addition to pursuing an ABET-accredited program in mechanical engineering, our students can also select a Concentration in Aerospace Engineering or pursue a minor in Robotics, Biomedical Engineering, or Ocean and Marine Engineering among many minor options at UMaine.

Qualified students can receive various scholarships offered by the university, college, and the department.

Each undergraduate student is assigned a faculty advisor during the first semester of enrollment to help plan a program of study based on the approved Mechanical Engineering curriculum. The suggested program can be modified to satisfy course prerequisites, scheduling needs or student preferences. 

Educational opportunities beyond the bachelor degree include the master’s and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering as well as the Professional Science Master’s degree and the 5-Year MBA program.