Undergraduate Concentration in Aerospace Engineering

Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Students can obtain a Concentration in Aerospace Engineering by completing three of the following aerospace courses with a grade of C or better (effective Fall 2020):

  • MEE 348 Introduction to Flight
  • MEE 448 Aircraft Design
  • MEE 452 Aircraft and Automobile Structures
  • MEE 462 Dynamics of Fluid Flows
  • MEE 463 Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • MEE 477 Introduction to Structural Dynamics (new)
  • MEE 562 Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Aerospace Engineering is an ever-evolving and highly challenging career choice. Aerospace engineers are on the leading-edge of that evolution, involved in research, design and development of a wide range of fascinating vehicles, some traveling at astounding speeds through both air and space. These systems can include airplanes, helicopters, satellites, launch vehicles, projectiles, airdrop vehicles, and an ever widening range of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The skills developed in these courses can be applied in a number of different industries including those associated with aerospace science missions, defense missions and commercial applications as well as in the automobile and marine industries.

For more information on the Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering Concentration, please contact Dr. Alex Friess.