Senior Capstone Design

The Senior Capstone Design Project helps senior engineering students strengthen their skills as they complete their bachelor degrees. The Senior Capstone Project has to be a non-commercialized unique idea. With support from the Mechanical Engineering faculty, students have a year to create, design, prototype and test their ideas.

Intro to MEE Capstone by Dr. Alex Friess

2019-2020 Senior Capstone Projects:

  • Hybrid UAVs
  • Lighter-Than-Air Vehicles
  • Hydrofoiling Bicycles
  • Human-Assistive Robots
  • Solar Splash Boats
  • Solar Maple Syrup Boiler

2018-2019 Senior Capstone Projects:

  • Lighter-than-Air Drones
  • Land Drones
  • Hydrofoiling Bicycles
  • Human Powered Vehicles
  • Robotic Knee Assistive Device
  • Self-Leveling Infant Car Seat
  • Ice Core Transport Container
  • Self-Cleaning Upweller Device
  • Smart Swim Starting Block
  • Infinite 3D Printer
  • CNC Router
  • Ground Force Test Bench

Crosby Laboratory YouTube channel shows videos of some of the senior capstone projects.