David Hiebeler


Current courses

  • MAT 262: Linear Algebra
  • I am serving as acting department chair in lieu of a second course

Previous courses

In the past at UMaine I’ve taught MAT 126 (Calculus I), MAT 232 (Intro to Principles of Statistical Inference), MAT 258 (Introduction to Differential Equations with Linear Algebra), MAT 259 (Differential Equations), MAT 262 (Linear Algebra), MAT 401 (Capstone course), MAT 451 (Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems), MAT 486/586 (Biological Modeling and Simulation), MAT 487 (Numerical Analysis), and various independent-study MAT 400 (Topics in Mathematics) courses. Here is a schedule of previous courses I’ve taught:

Spring 2018

  • MAT 401: Capstone Course in Mathematics
  • MAT 486/486: Biological Modeling and Simulation

Fall 2017

  • MAT 126: Calculus I (2 sections)

Spring 2017

  • MAT 262: Linear Algebra
  • MAT 487: Numerical Analysis

Fall 2016

  • MAT 258: Introduction to Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
  • MAT 259: Differential Equations

Spring 2016

  • I was on sabbatical, and did not teach any courses


Earlier courses will be added later…