Research Directory


Name Specialities Email
Alyokhin, Andrei Integrated pest management, biological control, potato IPM
Annis, Seanna Fungal pathogens of blueberry, general mycology (mushrooms)
Bell, Kathleen P. Environmental economics, land use
Blomberg, Erik Ecology and management of upland game birds
Bowden, Timothy Finfish culture and immunology
Bricknell, Ian Finfish culture and parasitology
Burnett, Stephanie Floriculture, greenhouse crop production, plant/soil water relations
Calhoun, Aram Vernal pool ecology and conservation, wetland ecology
Camire, Mary Ellen Food processing and sensory evaluation, obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases, dietary supplements
Causey, Robert Horse reproduction and infertility
Chen, Xuan Production economics; agricultural finance; natural disaster risks
Coghlan, Stephen Fish response to dam removal, role of anadromous fishes in stream food webs, ecology of headwater streams
Crandall, Mindy Forest landscape management and economics
Crawley, Andrew Economics
Cronan, Christopher Plant ecology, ecosystem ecology, land use planning
Daigle, John Impacts of environmental and landscape changes
Daigneault, Adam Forest, Conservation and Recreation Policy
Daley, Angela Economics
Day, Michael Tree physiology and physiological ecology
de Urioste-Stone, Sandra Nature-based tourism
Drummond, Francis Pest management, pollination in blueberry, bumble bees and honey bees
Erich, M. Susan Chemistry and fertility
Evans, Keith Economics, fisheries management
Fernandez, Ivan Residuals (sludge, ash, effluent) on soils, forest soil biogeochemistry
Fraver, Shawn Forest ecosystems, carbon and climate dynamics
Gabe, Todd Community economic development, public finance
Gallandt, Eric Sustainable agriculture, weed management, cropping systems
Gardner, Allison Entomology, Ecology, Statistics, Mosquitoes
Gardner, Douglas Wood Composites
Greig, Hamish Community ecology, environmental gradients, global change; aquatic ecology, freshwater invertebrates
Groden, Eleanor Invasive species, biological control
Hamlin, Heather Reproductive and developmental challenges in commercial aquaculture
Hao, Jianjun Diseases of potatoes
Harrison, Daniel Wildlife-habitat relationships, forest management practices, and predator ecology
Hayes, Daniel Geospatial analysis & remote sensing in forests and ecosystems.
Holberton, Rebecca Bird ecology and behavior, bird migration and conservation
Hunter, Malcolm L. Conservation biology, forest wildlife management, international conservation
Hutton, Mark Vegetable varieties suitable for Maine; sustainable vegetable production practices
Johnson, Teresa Marine policy, fisheries management, fishing communities
Kamath, Pauline Disease ecology and evolution; wildlife conservation; genomics; population genetics; phylogenetics
Kim, Carol Innate immune response in fish
Kinnison, Michael Aquatic ecology, population and conservation genetics, fish ecology
Kizha, Anil Raj Forest operations, timber harvest
Klimis-Zacas, Dorthy J. Trace minerals, benefits of wild blueberries, cardiovascular disease
Leahy, Jessica Benefits of natural resource management
Levesque, Danielle Evolutionary physiology, thermoregulatory biology, physiological ecology, hibernation/torpor, mammals
Lichtenwalner, Anne Sheep, goats, poultry, general animal health
Livingston, William Tree health and pathology
Mallory, Ellen Sustainable agriculture, nutrient cycling, cropping systems
McConnon, James Economic development, innovation, small business management
McGill, Brian Biodiversity, response of species ranges to climate change, measuring the impact of humans on community structure
Moran, Renae Apples and other tree fruit culture
Mortelliti, Alessio Effects of land use change on vertebrates (mammals and birds)
Myracle, Angela D. Elderberry production, phytochemical composition and health impact
Nayak, Balunkeswar Microbial and chemical food safety; new food-processing methods for extraction of bioactive compounds; allergenicity of crustacean products
Noblet, Caroline Individual natural resource decision making; processing information; sustainable behavior
Ohno, Tsutomu Soil chemistry
Olsen, Brian Bird ecology, behavior, demography, and mating systems
Perkins, Bryan Food science, analytical method development for bioactive compounds, naturally occurring toxins and pesticide residues in food and environmental matrices
Perry, Jennifer Food microbiology
Peterson, Bryan Ornamental horticulture
Porter, Gregory Potato management, physiology, and crop rotation
Rawson, Paul Oyster culture
Reeve, Andrew Hydrology
Rice, Robert Wood science and physics
Romero, Juan Forage quality and conservation, ruminant nutrition, animal systems microbiota, and enzymology
Roth, Amber Forest wildlife management
Sarrantonio, Marianne Sustainable agriculture, cover crops, cropping systems
Seymour, Robert Quantitative Silviculture
Shaler, Stephen Wood Science/Engineering
Skonberg, Denise Food processing technology, value-added seafood products
Smith, Sean M.C. Watershed processes, geomorphology
Sponarski, Carly Human dimensions of fisheries and wildlife conservation, wildlife policy and administration
Stokes, Martin Dairy cow nutrition, forages
Tajvidi, Mehdi Forest products and renewable composite materials
Teisl, Mario Information and labeling policy, environmental and social marketing, food safety
Tan, Han Plant genetics
Van Beneden, Rebecca Environmental toxicology, marine molecular genetics
Wagner, Robert Silviculture / Forest Vegetation Management
Wahle, Richard Dynamics of benthic populations, communities, and fisheries
Waring, Tim Social-ecological systems modeling; evolution of local food organizations
Weber, James Dairy cow reproduction
Weiskittel, Aaron Biometrics and Modeling
Wheeler, Robert Fungal infections in fish
White, Adrienne Young adult nutrition, behavior-change strategies;
Yarborough,David Weed management in wild blueberries
Zydlewski, Gayle Oceanography, fisheries sciences, ocean energy