L. Brian Perkins

PerkinsAssociate Research Professor Emeritus of Food Analytical Chemistry

Degree: Ph. D. 2002, University of Maine
Phone: 207.581.1367
Email: bperkins@maine.edu
Location: 103 & 200 Hitchner Hall

Professional Interests: Analytical method development (LC & GC) for bioactive compounds and naturally-occurring toxins in food and environmental matrices. Fermentation chemistry.

Teaching: Introduction to Food and Nutrition (FSN 101), Brewing With Food Science (FSN 121), Food Analysis (FSN 587), Advanced Graduate Seminar (FSN 671).

Research:: Analytical (chromatographic) method development: LC/PDA/FLD/RI, UPLC/DAD/FLD/ELSD, GC/MS/FID/ECD). Novel bioactive compounds in foods (capsinoids, capsaicinoids, anthocyanins, carotenoids, flavonoids).Naturally-occurring toxins in foods (mycotoxins, glycoalkaloids). Brewing and food fermentation chemistry (organic acids, carbohydrates, fusel alcohols, aldehydes, biogenic amines and compounds derived from hops)

Recent Publications:

M.Moyet, A. Alyokhin, A. Buzza, and L.B. Perkins. Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a Recycling Agent for Cull Potatoes. Am. J. Potato Res.(2023).https://doi.org/10.1007/s12230-023-09930-6

C. Williamson, K. Kennedy, S. Bhattacharya, S. Patel, J. Perry, J. Bolton, L.B. Perkins, L. Li-Ying Chan, A novel image-based method for simultaneous counting of Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces in mixed culture fermentation, Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, Volume 50, Issue 1, 2023.

M. Leach, A.C. Dibble, L.B. Stack, L.B. Perkins, and F.A. Drummond, The Effect of Plant Nutrition on Bee Flower Visitation,” Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 94(4), 277-300, February 2023.

A.Y.Leon-Tinoco, B.C.Guimarães, S.T.RAlmeida, D.C.Reyes, S.Rivera, M.Killerby, C.Wu, B.Perkins, C.Knight, J.J.Romero. Effect of lignosulfonates on the dry matter loss, nutritional value, and microbial counts of high moisture alfalfa silage.  Animal Feed Science and Technology, Volume 290, August, 2022.

Alhallaf, W. and Perkins, L.B. The Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Chaga Extracts Obtained by Different Extraction Methods against LPS-Induced RAW 264.7.  Molecules 2022, 27, 4207.
https://doi.org/ 10.3390/molecules27134207

Alhallaf, W., Bishop, K. & Perkins, L.B.. . Optimization of Accelerated Solvent Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Chaga Using Response Surface Methodology. Food Anal. Methods (2022).

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Sami Humaid, Dhriti Nayar, Jason Bolton, Brian Perkins & Denise Skonberg. Refrigerated shelf-life evaluation of high pressure processed, raw and sous vide cooked lobster. High Pressure Research. June 16, 2020.

D. Reyes, S. Annis, S. Rivera, A. Leon-Tinoco, C. Wu, L. Perkins, J. Perry, Z. Ma, C. Knight, M. Catillo and J. Romero Gomez. Increased high-moisture alfalfa hay preservation in-vitro ruminal digestibility, fermentability and decreased proteolysis with the novel use of technical lignins. Journal of Dairy Science. May 14, 2020. 103 (7) 614-6134.https://doi.org/10.3168/jds.2019-17764

Patrick Erbland, Andrei Alyokhin, L.Brian Perkins and Michael Peterson. Dose-dependent retention of omega-3 fatty acids by black soldier fly larvae (Diptera: Stratiomyidae). Journal of Economic Entomology. March 24, 2020;113(3):1221-1226.https://doi.org/10.1093/jee/toaa045

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Kimberly R. Miner, Seth Campbell, Christopher Gerbi, Anna Liljedahl, Therese Anderson, L. Brian Perkins, Steven Bernsen, Tiffany Gatesman and Karl J. Kreutz. 2018. Organochlorine pollutants within a polythermal glacier in the interior Alaska range. Water 10(9): 1157; doi:10.3390/w10091157

Daniel M. Weaver, S.M. Coghlan, H.S. Greig,, A.J. Klemmer, L.B. Perkins and J. Zydlewski. 2018. Subsidies from anadromous sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) carcasses function as a reciprocal nutrient exchange between marine and freshwaters. River Research and Applications. 30 May 2018 https://doi.org/10.1002/rra.3291