International Student Association Elections

2019 ISA Elections

Nominations have now closed. ISA Officer Elections will be held on April 12th, 2019 during the Coffee Hour.  You must vote either through the electronic form or in person. The winners will be announced at the end of Coffee Hour.

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Candidates for President: Hannah Holbrook

Candidates for Vice President: Alice Chesley

Candidates for Treasurer: Jiahui Zuo

Candidates for Secretary: Iaryna Iasenytska

Candidates for Graduate Adviser: Dariush Bodaghi

Since the 1970’s the International Student Association has been one of the largest and most active student groups at UMaine.  We need strong and dedicated leaders to continue this tradition.  Undergraduate students are encouraged to run for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, while Graduate Students are encouraged to run for Graduate Adviser. These stipulations are in accordance with UMaine Student Government policy.  In addition, the Treasurer cannot  be a member of the Student Senate.

Nominate an ISA leader today using the form below!

You can nominate yourself or another student for an ISA office using the form below.  A candidates nomination will not be complete until his/her nomination receives a second and third nomination.  If you nominate yourself or another student, please be sure to ask at least two other students to nominate the candidate using the same form.  Please keep in mind that you only need TWO additional nominations.  Excessive nominations will NOT increase your chances of winning the final vote.

Nominations have now closed.

Requirements for All ISA Officers

You must be an UNDERGRADUATE student
Strong communication and organizational skills
Ability to work well in a team environment
Ability to take initiative
Attend ISA weekly meetings
Attend additional long range planning sessions 2-3 times per year
Attend leadership workshops held by OIP, OMSL and Division of Student Life
Carry out assigned duties in a timely and responsible matter
Attend ALL ISA sponsored events such as Coffee Hour, Culturefest, and International Dance Festival
Support and advocate for international students at UMaine
Support diversity and internationalism on campus by providing appropriate programs

Requirements for Graduate Advisers

Graduate student in good standing willing to represent international graduate student population to the board.

Click here for description of individual responsibilities for officers.

Click here for ISA Election FAQs.