ISA Elections: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different responsibilities of each officer? The duties of each officer can be found here.

How many hours a week do officers commit to ISA? Each week, officers are expected to attend the ISA meeting (usually 1 hour) and Friday’s Coffee Hour from 4-5. They are also expected to attend ISA’s special events (Oronoka, International Dance Festival, Culturefest, etc.). These events occur on the weekend, but do require a commitment for the entire day.  Total average time commitment each week should be less than 4 hours.  Team members help each other when schedules get busy so there may be times when you do more and times when you do less.

Can I still run for office if I cannot attend every ISA event and meeting? Although we strongly encourage officers to attend every ISA event and meeting, we understand that busy schedules of college students may limit availability. In order to effectively lead ISA, officers must make its events a priority and only sporadically miss functions if it is unavoidable.

I am a graduate student. For which positions am I eligible to run? Graduate students cannot run for any of the executive board postions, but they are eligible for a graduate student liaison position.

I am an undergraduate student. For which executive board positions am I eligible to run? Undergraduate students can run for any of the positions.

Can first year students run for all offices?  Yes, there are no restrictions based on your undergraduate standing.

I will be graduating in December so I will only be at UMaine for the fall semester.  Can I run for office? Yes