Incoming exchange students have the opportunity to intern in one of the many University of Maine Research Centers and Institutes. Students can complete an internship structured as:

  • 1-3 credit course during an exchange semester
  • semester-long internships (20-40 hours per week) at UMaine in lieu of an exchange semester
  • 4-month full-time internship following an exchange semester at UMaine
  • summer full-time internship following an exchange semester or year at UMaine
  • Griffith University students (IAP partnership): semester-long internships at UMaine in lieu of an exchange semester

Students and home university advisors, please do not contact the UMaine Research Centers and Institutes directly! Follow the process outlined below:


  • incoming exchange student researches internship opportunities at UMaine
  • student discusses with your home university advisor their top choices for internship placements at UMaine
  • home university advisor nominates the student to the UMaine advisor for the internship (October 15 and March 1 each year) and submits the following:
    • student’s cover letter outlining the goals of your internship and desired placement at a specific UMaine research centers or institutes
    • student’s resume (CV)
  • UMaine study abroad advisor arranges the placement
  • student proceeds to complete the UMaine exchange application process

For more information contact Orlina Boteva, Director of the Office of International Programs,