Class Registration

1.) Browse Mainestreet for Classes

Log into your Mainestreet account with your student email to browse available courses for your semester. Find the ones that interest you the most and contribute to your degree. As a student at UMaine, you need a minimum of 12 credits to be registered as a full-time student: exchange students have a maximum limit of 15 credits.

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Generally, 1 course will equate to 3 credits (12 credits = 4 courses)

* Graduate Students: Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits.
* Intensive English Students: Must be enrolled in 5 classes per session

2.) Add to Wish List

Once you’ve found enough courses that equal out to a full-time student (minimum of 12 credits and maximum of 15 credits) you can add these classes to your “wish List.” Exchange students can register in one online class, but are strongly encourage to attend all in-person classes.Mainestreet student center. Under academics and enrollment, there's a link to your 'wish list' this is what you'll click on.

3.) Email Advisor

With your wish list created, email your education abroad advisor at They’ll review your wish list and register you for lover-level classes or request special permission for higher-level classes.

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4.) Class Enrollment

Exchange students will not need a registration pin. The education abroad advisor will work with academic departments to have you manually registered. This will involve evaluation of your transcript to see if you meet the required pre-requisites.

5.) Arrive on Campus

It is normal that some of your classes will not yet be settled by the time you arrive on campus. With the help of the education abroad advisor, you can use the first week of classes to get permission from instructors to be enrolled and finalize your class schedule.

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6.) Have an Amazing Semester!

You’ve gained admissions. You’ve registered for your classes. Now it’s time to prepare for an amazing semester! Welcome to the Black bear nation.

International Programs and Admissions at the University of Maine

Course Selection Links

Course Registration

  • Dropping a Class(Scroll down) – exchange students must be enrolled in at least 12 credits at all times

Additional tutorials for MaineStreet functions: