Covered by the Exchange Program for each semester:

Tuition – up to 15 credit hours

Mandatory fees – up to 15 credit hours  for Unified, Communication, Activity and Recreation Center Fees.

Incoming exchange students each semester are responsible for:

2017-2018 costs: One semester: $7,536; Academic year: $15,038. *American University of Bulgaria exchange students: One semester: $2,268; Academic year: $4,502. These costs consist of:

Housing – $2,686/semester for a standard double room. For a single room, students pay an extra fee of $1000 per semester. Housing costs vary by type.

Meals – $2,582/semester standard cost. Meal plan costs vary by plan and housing type.

You may find specific housing and meal plan rates here: AY 2017-2018 Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Health Insurance – $2,502 for the academic year. Exchange students for one semester may take the insurance for only 6 months which is $1,268. Students who have health insurance from their home country can request to waive the UMaine health insurance.

Textbooks/Supplies/Personal – $1000/semester

Orientation – new international students participate in mandatory orientation before each semester starts. Students who will live on campus are billed $26.60/day for meals during the fall:

  • Fall orientation  – total bill for meals of $47.64 (2 days)
  • Spring orientation – no bill for meals