Sustainable Hygiene

Your day starts and ends in the restroom, typically in a routine that results in 10 products. Those products are made of plastics that end up in landfills since only 9% of the world’s plastic actually gets recycled. Zero waste is an upcoming trend that gives consumers a way to use as little plastic and waste as possible and moves towards a circular economy for the products that we use. With zero waste products in the restroom, you can start your day in a sustainable way that encourages better decisions throughout the day.

There are many options for using sustainable products while getting ready in the morning. One of the easiest switches that a person can make is changing to a more sustainable toothbrush. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, you should replace your toothbrush around every three months. That means that in one lifetime you’ll use over three hundred toothbrushes. Using a bamboo toothbrush is just as good as the plastic toothbrushes, and they can be composted after use. The bamboo toothbrushes have come a long way since the idea was first introduced, bamboo toothbrushes have the same technology as plastic toothbrushes nowadays. If you prefer an electric toothbrush, that’s okay! You’re using less plastic overall, and can even switch to a washable silicone head that can be reused until you feel it’s necessary to switch. Toothpaste tablets are a new technology that eliminates the plastic toothpaste tube for little tablets of toothpaste. Just make sure that whatever toothpaste you use has fluoride in it, there are several brands of toothpaste tablets that are equally effective as normal toothpaste. These tablets are stored in glass bottles and refills are sold individually if you already have a container you’d like to use. 

Another way to stay sustainable is to use shampoo bars and conditioner bars. This is just like soap bars, but for your hair! This cuts down on plastic from the packaging and comes in a solid from, and shampoo and conditioner bars are easy to travel with! Using solid soap bars can last over 50 washers which replaces around 2 medium sized shampoo bottles. In addition, using solid soap bars instead of body wash decreases plastic and costs a lot less. Overall, the switch to a completely solid soap collection can be less expensive than liquid soaps and includes less plastic. 

There are also other options such as reusable razors, these razors are metal and the replaceable parts are the head of the razor. This cuts down on plastic for the whole razor. Many of these companies offer a razor head take-back program so they can be refurbished for reuse. The metal razors may cost more at the start, they will cost less to keep up with and most of the time, they will work better than the plastic razors that you can buy at a cheaper rate but more often. 

There are so many ways to start sustainable habits this January. Remember to use what you have before buying new products, since the most sustainable option is to use what you already have. However, when you get the chance to buy something new, think about the amount of plastic and where your products come from. This can save money and do a little bit of saving the world at the same time. 


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