Storm Water Run Off

Stormwater runoff can be a problem, especially in urban areas like Bangor, Old Town, Orono, and even the University of Maine campus. Stormwater runoff is defined as rain that hits the ground or other horizontal surface and flows downhill to rivers, streams, lakes, and coastal waters. On-campus our runoff often collects pollutants like road salt, […]

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Earth Week Around the World

April 22 is a day that more than a billion people celebrate now. Earth Day is meant to bring awareness to problems the Earth faces, like pollution and deforestation. The first Earth Day was in 1970 when Senator Gaylord Nelson organized an event to show the large support for environmental issues throughout the United States. […]

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The Greenest Countries

The climate crisis is a worldwide problem and every country has different solutions to it. Overall, there are several countries that are doing amazing things to work towards a more sustainable world on their own and have many different programs to reverse climate change. A good way to measure these changes is to follow a […]

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Get Outside, Stay On Campus

Self-sustainability is important to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. It’s important for your work, your enjoyment, and your own mental health. The winter blues are a very real thing and can affect the way that we do activities and our quality of work. The cold temperatures outside and the sun going down […]

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Sustainable Hygiene

Your day starts and ends in the restroom, typically in a routine that results in 10 products. Those products are made of plastics that end up in landfills since only 9% of the world’s plastic actually gets recycled. Zero waste is an upcoming trend that gives consumers a way to use as little plastic and […]

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Head of a Gray wolf in the daytime

The Potential of Wolf Reintroduction in Maine

When colonists first arrived in Maine in the early 1600s, wolves still roamed the forests of the area freely. Sadly the time of the wolf would come to an end, by the 1900s wolves had been effectively wiped out in New England (NYwolf). Historically, wolves have always been a target of humans, many children’s tales even feature wolves as the antagonist. Whether it be the literal wolf that the boy cried about or the more symbolic use of a wolf in the story of Red Riding Hood.

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