March Wildlife Conservation!

Wildlife conservation is defined as “the preservation and protection of animals, plants, and their habitats.” By conserving wildlife, we’re ensuring that future generations can enjoy our natural world and the incredible species that live within it.

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day! This is a day used to promote the outdoors and the conservation and protection of many different species. With climate change on the rise, many more species are beginning to become an endangered species. Some of the causes of species becoming a part of the endangered species list are extreme changes in temperature, deforestation, invasive species, and habitat loss. All of these are things that can be avoided if you are willing to make the change. I’m going to explain how you can make changes in your everyday life to help protect our species and planet from extinction and endangerment.

When it comes to protecting wildlife, there are many different ways that you can help to protect them in your everyday life. One example is planting native species of different trees, bushes, plants, etc. By doing this, you are providing safe and reliable food for a species that may need it in the future, which in the long run can help preserve different species. 

Another way that you can practice sustainability and help protect wildlife is by picking up any waste, litter, or trash that you see around on a daily basis. By leaving trash where you have found it, you could be leaving a danger around. If an animal such as a turtle sees a pack of rings from soda cans it may think that it is food and try to eat it, which in turn can cause it to get stuck. This would be incredibly harmful for the turtle and could even cause death. There are many other examples of this with other animals as well. By picking up the litter you may find, you are making sure that we’re keeping our habitat safe for the animals that need it. 

One more way that you can help to protect wildlife is by reducing your energy consumption. This is very simple, it can be as little as making sure that you turn your light off every single time that you leave your room. You can also unplug any unused appliances, walk or take the bus as opposed to driving everywhere, and also  spread the word to your friends and family. By reducing your energy consumption, you can make it so that less fossil fuels are being used by plants and big corporations. This is especially important because big plants that extract fossil fuels can often damage wildlife habitats when doing so. 

Overall, it is very simple to find many ways to reduce your energy consumption, clean the world around you, and help the environment. By choosing to take the extra minute or two out of your day when you can, you are helping species survive. If we all take this step forward, the endangered species list will continue to reduce year after year. Be sure to tell your friends and family ways that they can help the earth, and promote World Wildlife Day!