PRASS Review Committee

Practicing administrators from PRASS member districts serve on the Review Committee.

The Review Committee:

  • Assigns each candidate a Review Committee Mentor/Facilitator
  • Oversees the application and assessment procedures for renewal candidates
  • Reviews Administrator Action Plans and approves/disapproves them
  • Reviews final evaluation reports and makes recommendations for renewal/non-renewal to the Commissioner
  • Recommends changes in the PRASS plan to the Governance Committee

Assignment of Mentors/Facilitators:

When you apply to PRASS to begin the renewal process, the Review Committee assigns you a Review Committee Mentor/Facilitator. The Mentor/Facilitator is a member of the Review Committee. His/her role is to assist you with the steps in the renewal process (see above) and to act on your behalf when your AAP and final evaluation report come before the Review Committee.

You should consider your Mentor/Facilitator as your link to the PRASS system; he or she can be called upon to help when you need it. Similarly, he or she is responsible for seeing that you move through the process properly once you have applied.

A candidate may request that a specific person not be assigned as his/her Review Committee Mentor/Facilitator.