Penquis Regional Administrator Support System (PRASS)

All newly issued administrative certificates and every renewal of an existing administrative certificate are subject to Title 20-MRSA, Chapters 502, 115 and 118.

This page outlines the certification regulations and processes for practicing administrators in school districts that are members of the Penquis Regional Administrative Support System (PRASS). All renewals of administrator certificates except teaching principals must occur through the procedures outlined herein. PRASS is the approved organization for overseeing and recommending to the Commissioner of Education most administrative certificate renewals. The activities and authority of the system are described in the PRASS Plan which is available in the central office of each school administrative unit.

PRASS is intended to:

  • Provide strong support services for administrators entering administrative positions
  • Provide assistance to persons who are candidates for administrator certificate renewal
  • Assist candidates in conducting a meaningful Comprehensive Professional Assessment
  • Review and approve Administrator Action Plans
  • Provide the Commissioner with recommendations for candidates seeking administrator certificate renewal
  • Build mentor relationships for administrators who wish collegial support and assistance in working toward improving professional skills