How the System Works

PRASS provides a mechanism for the administrator to assess current skills and knowledge, to set professional development goals based on that assessment, and to receive support in meeting these goals. The Review Committee, a committee comprised of your peers, makes a recommendation based on the candidate’s progress regarding his/her renewal at the expiration of the current certificate. The process is as follows:

The application and materials explain the steps in developing a portfolio, conducting an assessment of your knowledge, and creating an Administrator Action Plan. You will be assigned a Review committee Mentor/Facilitator who will contact you to assist you with the process.

Application (.doc)
Application (.pdf)

The portfolio is a record of your formal education, your employment, and your professional development experience to date. These materials are used to help identify professional development goals for the future.

Portfolio (.doc)
Portfolio (.pdf)

Assessment of Knowledge:
The state requires that you undertake a systematic evaluation of the skills, knowledge, and competencies that you possess in ISLLC standards “knowledge areas.” A component of this assessment must be completed by someone who knows your work well. Methods of assessment must be approved by the PRASS Governance Committee.

Administrator Action Plan (AAP):
You and your Review Committee Mentor/Facilitator formulate goals and objectives for your professional growth that are designed to address needs or develop strengths identified in your portfolio and assessment. You identify activities that you expect will help you reach each objective, as well as ways that you can document how well each objective is reached. Action plans must promise to stretch your competencies and knowledge beyond their current levels.

Administrator Action Plan (.doc)
Administrator Action Plan (.pdf)

Administrator Action Plan Sheets (.doc)
Administrator Action Plan Sheets (.pdf)

Approval of AAP:
Your Review Committee Mentor/Facilitator presents your AAP to the Review Committee for approval at least 24 months prior to the expiration date of your certificate.

Final Review:
By April 1 of the year your certificate expires you must meet with your Review Committee Mentor/Facilitator to plan the final evaluation report. This report documents the activities you have undertaken and evaluates how they have met the goals and objectives in your AAP. The report is submitted to the Review Committee by your Mentor/Facilitator. Guidelines for the final report can be found here.

Recommendation to the Commissioner of Education:
After reviewing your final evaluation report, the Review Committee votes to recommend or not to recommend the renewal of your certificate of focus. The state renewal form is completed, signed by the PRASS coordinator and returned to the administrator for mailing to the MDOE.

Receipt of New Certificate:
The Maine Department of Education forwards your new certificate directly to you.