The Career Center can assist with:

  • Exploring your options
  • Developing an application strategy
  • Selecting potential law schools
  • Reviewing application materials
  • Connecting you with current practitioners

Pre-Law at UMaine

Congratulations on your interest in applying to law school.  This website is designed to assist you with learning about the field of law and provide you with the resources necessary to apply to law school.

A law career may provide you with intellectual challenge, emotional and financial rewards and may also be very demanding.  With this in mind, one should not take the decision to attend law school lightly.  So take some time to learn about the field of law, understand what you need to do at the University of Maine in order to be a competitive applicant and develop a plan to move you toward your goal.

What is “Pre-Law” at UMaine?

The University of Maine offers nearly 90 baccalaureate degree programs. The excellence of these programs will provide University of Maine students with the necessary skills to succeed and gain admission to any law school in the country.

As a pre-law student, you can major in anything that you choose. Your major should be interesting to you, provide you with a rigorous course load and assist you with developing the skills needed to be a successful lawyer.

Many pre-law students will choose to declare a Legal Studies Minor.  This program consists of six (18 credits) courses.  The Department of Political Science will sign and process the necessary paperwork for students interested in this minor.

To get started, you should contact:

The Career Center’s Pre-Law Advisor:
Lisa Carter
Room 300 – Memorial Union