Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Minor

In antiquity, Socrates held that the laws were his “true parent.” For then as now, laws help to constitute and regulate family, school, church, commercial, and governmental institutions. They therefore affect the lives of everyone throughout, although conversely human beings make the law. Legal foundations, developments, and effects are consequently of intrinsic interest and concern to many disciplines and their students. The Legal Studies curriculum is accordingly designed not so much for the pre-law student, as for any student whose liberal education seeks to understand the formative bases of human civilization and culture.

The campus advisor for the Legal Studies minor is Professor Mark Brewer of the Political Science Department (113A N. Stevens Hall). Questions about the Legal Studies Minor should be directed to him at (207) 581-1871 or

For information about general pre-law studies and/or advice for students interested in attending law school, contact Pre-Law advisor Lisa Carter (300 Memorial Union), at (207) 581-2587 or


A Minor in Legal Studies shall consist of 18 credit hours in courses that focus primarily on legal matters. A minimum grade of “C-“ must be obtained in each course used to satisfy the minor requirements. A list of courses that count toward the minor appears below. Departments occasionally offer other courses on legal topics that may count as well. Students should contact the campus advisor for the Legal Studies Minor (Professor Mark Brewer) in order to determine if a particular course not listed below would count toward the minor.

(Detailed course information is available in the University of Maine online catalog)