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The University of Maine Career Center, a department within the Division of Student Life, serves all students and fee-paying alumni of the University of Maine. Through its services and programs, the Center promotes effective career planning skills, teaches job search strategies, and facilitates contacts between University of Maine students and alumni and employers. The Career Center offers assistance to students as they explore their academic interests and the relationship between majors and career opportunities. Assistance with job-seeking skills, full-time employment, and graduate/professional school options is provided through various program offerings. The Career Center also coordinates the Experiential Education program, providing work/learning opportunities in conjunction with over 50 academic departments.

Individual Counseling, Workshops, Special Programs Services

Staff members provide individual counseling to help students explore career options, set career goals, and devise strategies for reaching these goals. Counselors are actively involved in outreach programming in residence halls, academic classes, and organizations on campus. The Career Library located in the Career Center, contains extensive written and audio-visual materials on careers, employers, and graduate schools.

Special events are sponsored by the Career Center on an on-going basis. These programs are designed to help students make connections with employers, either for career information or for employment assistance. An example of such a program is the UMaine Career Fair, an annual fair with over 150 companies attending.

Employers from a variety of regional and national firms conduct interviews on campus for graduating students. A number of organizations also interview underclass students on campus for summer or cooperative education positions. In addition, the Center collects and publishes information regarding job openings for graduates. Students are also encouraged to develop their own personalized job search, and assistance is provided through individual counseling and group workshops such as Resume and Cover Letters and Interviewing Skills.

Career Planning Services

Counseling & Advising

The professional staff of the Career Center is ready to assist you with any issues related to your career planning. For example, if you need help in identifying your skills and abilities, defining your career goals, or understanding the relationship between academic majors and careers, you are invited to schedule a career counseling appointment with one of our counselors by calling 581-1359.

Career Inventories
The Career Center offers students the opportunity to take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Self-Directed Search (SDS) to help assess preferences and personality type and their relationship to careers. A career counselor is available by appointment to help you interpret your results. To make arrangements to take the MBTI and/or SDS, schedule a 1/2 hour intake appointment by calling 581-1359.

Career Resource Library
This library contains a multitude of resources to help you with your career development. Resources available include self-assessment instruments, career information, internship directories, employer directories, the Professional Network Database, job hunting guides, educational directories and many career-related videotapes.

Computer Work Stations
Computers in the Career Library offer a number of easy to use computer programs for students. FOCUS provide students with the opportunity to identify and research appropriate careers. These interactive programs help you explore your interests and skills, relating them to career options. In addition, the Career Center has computer stations for student’s use.

Professional Network Database
This program is designed to give students and alumni interested in learning about particular careers access to alumni in a variety of career areas. Those who participate in this program will gain firsthand information about careers by visiting alumni at their work sites, by telephone, or by e-mail and interviewing them about their careers. Students may search for appropriate mentors by searching mentor profiles on our website through the Professional Network Database. Complete contact information is available from the program coordinator,  Lisa Carter.

Internship and Co-op Program
The Career Center offers a full array of internships (summer or academic year) and cooperative education positions. Gaining experience that is related to your major and/or career goals is a direct result of participation in these programs.

Job Search/Graduate School Services

Workshop Series
On-going workshops include Resumes and Cover Letters, Interviewing Skills, Internships 101, Career Exploration, Overview of Career Services and Networking and Job Search Strategies.

Resume/Cover Letter Critique Service
A current typed resume or cover letter may be submitted to a staff member for a personalized critique during scheduled time periods. You may schedule a resume review in person or by calling 581-1359.  We also offer walk-in hours for your convenience.

Mock Interviews
This practice interview between you and a staff member uses videotape equipment to simulate an interview and replay it for a critique. It is an excellent way to deal with “first interview jitters”. You may schedule a mock interview at any time by calling 581-1359.

Full-time, Co-op and Internship Listings
Job listings for UMaine students and graduates are received directly from employers and they are posted in CareerLink accessed from our website. Other job listings are found in directories or subscriptions housed in the Career Library. Students can also access national and international job openings using Internet-connected computers in our Career Library. These listings are linked to our website.

On-Campus Interviews
Over 100 employers visit the campus each year to conduct preliminary job interviews. If you are a student within one year of graduation and have registered with the Career Center, you are invited to sign up for appropriate interviews.

Graduate School Assistance
The Career Library contains applications for various exams (LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT), graduate school directories and information on specific graduate schools throughout the country. The video “Applying to Graduate School” is available for viewing in the Career Library.