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What is the Maine Mentor Program?

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The Maine Mentor Program offers students an opportunity to get “inside” information on careers of interest by matching them with alumni/ae who are working in those fields. The Mentor Program was created in 1986. It has evolved into a nationwide network. Alumni volunteers have responded enthusiastically saying they would be happy to discuss their jobs and work-related questions with individual students. As the program grows, so does the variety of the career fields represented. If you are an alum who would like to become a Maine Mentor, just complete and return the Maine Mentor Program Volunteer Survey. To expedite, you may electronically submit the form.

Currently, over half of our 600 mentors live in Maine, however there are close to 300 others scattered across North America. Mentors offer another avenue for students to make contacts and connections around the nation. They can also give you an idea of the living situation and the economic climate in a particular region. In addition, mentors may be useful in helping you make other contacts in the area. The program’s primary focus is to provide career information.

Prior to a Maine Mentor Appointment…

  • Be sure to register for career services at the Career Center.
  • Locate mentors you are interested in networking with by searching the Maine Mentor database on the web. Your selection criteria will identify an organization name for whom each mentor works. Write down the record number of the mentor(s) you are interested in contacting.
  • Make an appointment with the Maine Mentor Coordinator, BJ Roach at 207.581.1359 to get further information.