Professional Network Database

The UMaine Career Center has created a professional network database that offers students an opportunity to get “inside” information on careers of interest with graduates and other professionals who are working in those fields. The database started as the Maine Mentor Program in 1986. It has evolved into a nationwide network. UMaine alumni as well as community members have responded enthusiastically saying they would be happy to discuss their jobs and work-related questions with individual students. As the database grows, so does the variety of the career fields represented. If you are an alum who would like to become a future connection for UMaine students, just complete the database registration form electronically.  

Currently, over half of our 500 alumni and community members live in Maine, however there are close to 200 others scattered across North America. These people offer another avenue for students to make contacts and connections around the nation. They can also give you an idea of the living situation and the economic climate in a particular region. In addition, this network may be useful in helping you make other contacts in the area. The database’s primary focus is to provide connections to students for career information.

Students, prior to access to the Professional Network Database …

  • Be sure to register with CareerLink.

  • Locate potential people you are interested in networking with by logging into your account in CareerLink > Click on Networking that’s located in the left column > Search on professionals that you’re interested in networking with.