Internship/Cooperative Education Program

The University has more than 90 undergraduate major programs organized in specific colleges: the College of Engineering and Computing; the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; the Honors College; the College of Earth, Health and Life Sciences; The Maine Business School; and the College of Education & Human Development that offer academic credit and faculty support for students seeking work/learning opportunities with employers. The Career Center is the point of contact for new employers who wish to establish internships for University of Maine students with their companies.

Advantages for employers who hire student interns include:

  • An affordable way to get special projects done, using upper-class students trained in a specific discipline
  • An opportunity to infuse the workplace with talent and fresh ideas
  • An opportunity to provide low-cost training and screening, resulting in less cost-per-hire, and a pathway to hire experienced, full-time employees after graduation who have already demonstrated their value within an organization
  • An opportunity to provide service to the University of Maine by hiring student interns
  • Student employees earning credit are covered by University of Maine liability insurance
  • The Career Center and academic staff and faculty advertise your positions, assist with logistics, troubleshooting, and problem-solving as needed

Virtual Information Sessions
The Career Center can help increase your organization’s visibility on the University of Maine campus by scheduling virtual information sessions for employers/recruiters to “Zoom” in to campus and discuss job opportunities with students over video-conferencing.  The Career Center can host your session, and assist in the marketing of such events.

On-Campus Information Sessions/Visits

The Career Center can help increase your organization’s visibility on the University of Maine campus by scheduling information sessions for employers/recruiters to discuss job opportunities and meet with students. The Career Center can also connect employers with key faculty who can provide in-depth information about the strengths of their particular academic departments and the expertise areas of faculty and students.

Post Job Vacancies

You may use CareerLink to post jobs and internships, sign up for career events and job fairs, and participate in the on-campus recruiting program.  CareerLink is powered by NACELink/Symplicity.

To find some examples for similar positions, or start from scratch, take a look at these links highlighting curating a job description. or and HubSpot.

There are also some AI generated job description writing tools, as well.

 You should consider top priorities, needs, and baseline skills/applicant requirements you are seeking.

Once you have a position description drafted, we welcome you to reach out again for feedback!

We will then invite you to register as an employer and post the positions in UMaine CareerLink (Symplicity) here:
Or send details for us to

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