Suggested Courses for Pre-Law Students

No particular courses are required of students entering law school. However, it is suggested that students take courses that better prepares them for law school.  These include but are not limited to courses that focus on reading comprehension, analytical thinking and written and oral expression. Although not mentioned below, courses in Economics, Math, and  Sciences are invaluable in developing rigorous analytical reasoning. Finally, mastering a foreign language and computer skills are increasingly necessary to serve a diversed community.


Eng 205 Introduction to Creative Writing
Eng 206 Descriptive and Narrative Writing
Eng 212 Persuasive and Analytical Writing
Eng 301 Advanced Composition
Eng 307 Writing Fiction
Eng 317 Business and Technical Writing
PHI 103 Methods of Reasoning
PHI 250 Formal Logic
Com 257 Business and Professional Communication
Com 347 Argument and Critical Thinking
Com 403 Persuasion and Social Influence

Concerning the Law

POS 282 Introduction to American Law
POS 359 Special Topic: Development of American Law
PHI 244 Philosophy of Law
SOC 214 Crime and Criminal Justice
SOC 314 Law and Society

“In” Law

POS 377 International Law
POS 383 American Constitutional Law
POS 384 American Civil Liberties
PAA 410 Local Government Regulation
PAA 405 The Regulatory Process
JMC 375 Mass Media Law and Regulation
BUA 220 The Legal Environment of Business
EES 324 Environmental Protection Law and Policy