MBA Programs

The Maine Business School prepares individuals to lead organizations through volatile and rapidly changing markets with innovation and agility.  We educate and train MBA candidates to learn creative and strategic ways of thinking, to solve complex problems and issues, and to lead, manage, and communicate skillfully.  We place a high value on ethical decision making.  Graduates are prepared to meet the challenges of global competition.

The MBA’s Core Competencies Are Met Through:

Knowledge: develop core competencies in the crucial business disciplines.

Communication: effective oral and written communication skills.

Problem Solving: innovative problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Global Business, Responsibility, and Diversity: conduct business in a foreign environment by understanding and appreciating differences in business practices and cultures and conducting themselves responsibly.  Our students have ethical principles instilled in them and develop decision-making parameters.

Teamwork & Leadership: advance your ability to work effectively in teams, develop your leadership skills.

Networking & Community: students are given networking & leadership opportunities outside of the classroom through the Graduate Business Association (GBA) and MBS Corps.

Modest Class Sizes combined with a faculty focus on caring about student progress creates a culture of collaboration and camaraderie.

Experiential Learning opportunities outside the classroom (domestic and overseas) allow for practical applications of knowledge.

Diverse Classrooms with faculty and students from many backgrounds,  working professionals in the local community, students from a vast diversity of academic areas, and international faculty and students.