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Looking for an internship? Already secured one? Either way, you’re in the right place! Here on the new MBS Internship Page you will find everything you will need to get you comfortable with the internship process regardless of where you are in it! Come stop by our office at DPC 209, Located on the Second Floor!

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MGT 290

Success in Internships

In this course, you will work closely with the MBS Internship Coordinator to identify your early career goals and get on track to secure a meaningful internship in your field of interest. Students in the course will learn about internships and how they can use them to gain professional experience.

Fall 2022
1 Credit
Wednesday, 11:00-11:50am

MGT 290

Doing Business in Healthcare

In partnership with Northern Light Health, this experiential learning-based course is designed to engage MBS students in a rotation of the business areas of the Healthcare industry.

Fall 2022
3 Credits
Wednesday, 2:30-5:20pm

BUA 396

Business Internship

BUA 396 is designed to support MBS interns over the course of their internship. MBS student who have secured an internship experience may earn academic credit.

Fall, Spring, Summer
0-6 Credits
60 Hours/Credit
2.0 Minimum GPA

MBA 695

Business Internship

MBA 695 is designed to support MBA interns over the course of their internships. MBA students have secured an internship experience may earn academic credit.

Fall, Spring, Summer
1-3 Elective Credits
60 Hours/Credit
3.0 Minimum GPA

Come Meet With Us!

Taylor Matthew Ashley
Internship Coordinator

Visit us at DPC 209 on the Second Floor
We offer internship advice, expertise, and networking opportunities. Come learn anything from the basics to resume building, applying, and everything in between! Pop-Ins welcome!