• $650 per credit hour, all fees included, for a total program cost of $19,500*
  • 30-credit hour General Management program
  • Average completion time: 20 months
  • Rate applies to in-state, out-of-state, and international students
  • Choose between 100% online or hybrid
  • Additional scholarships and assistantships are available

* $650 rate per credit hour applies to all MaineMBA Core 8 classes and all electives offered through the Graduate School of Business. The cost for the 30-credit MaineMBA in General Management (no concentration) is $19.500. Click here for more details. 

For those pursuing a concentration, the cost per credit hour can vary depending on the department in which the concentration courses are offered. 

Please visit the respective sites to see the credit hour cost at our collaborating institutions: University of Maine (non business), University of Maine School of Law, and University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service.


Tuition and research funding awards are available each year for graduate students in the MaineMBA. The assistantships, scholarships, and funding sources listed below are offered through the department, college, graduate school, and other organizations. All funding opportunities are highly competitive, and deadlines are firm. Please look at the application information on the specific opportunity you are interested in for more information. Fall scholarship and assistantship applications are due by January 15 each year.


MaineMBA Graduate Assistantships

Up to six graduate assistantships are awarded competitively to outstanding full-time MaineMBA applicants each fall to work in business research and classroom settings. Assistantships include 18 credits of tuition coverage and a generous monthly stipend. Applicants wishing to be considered for an assistantship should complete the application no later than January 15th.

Graduate Assistantship in the Division of Lifelong Learning

The Division of Lifelong Learning (DLL) at UMaine serves learners across the student lifespan. DLL learners have diverse academic and professional backgrounds. A grad assistantship in DLL can be an excellent opportunity to gain experience in marketing and communications, project management, and develop familiarity with policies and protocols in higher education. Learn more.

University Graduate Assistantships

The University of Maine posts graduate assistantships available to students of all majors throughout the campus. Assistantships include full or partial tuition coverage and a generous monthly stipend. Students must be available to work on the Orono campus.

MaineMBA Research Assistantships


Two research assistantships (RAs) are available for MaineMBA students. The University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine are proud to partner and fund two RAs focused on assisting USM and UMaine faculty with research and support the MaineMBA Academy’s development. This 12-month position based in Portland has a monthly stipend of $1,880 for 2 years. In addition, students are eligible for up to 9 credits to be covered each semester, with up to 6 covered in the summer. Students interested in applying should send their cover letter and resume to with the subject line “MEIF RA Application.”


Scholarship Universe is a search tool available to all University of Maine students. You gain access to this tool after being accepted to the program.

Alfond Ambassador Scholarship

Full academic scholarship, living stipend and professional development opportunities with priority given to historically underrepresented students. Available to Full-Time Students starting the MaineMBA in the fall. Students cannot be employed full-time. Students must be looking to live and work in Maine post-graduation. Students must be located in, willing to relocate to, or able to travel to the Greater Portland Area regularly. Interested students can apply via the online application. The application closes annually 11:59 pm EST on January 15th.

Atlantic Provinces Graduate Scholarship

Three scholarships paying a year’s tuition are available on a competitive basis to graduates of the colleges and universities of the Atlantic Provinces and Quebec. The Graduate School requests nominations from departments in early February.

Bonello Family Scholarship Fund

Established in 2013 for the benefit of the University of Maine, Orono, with a gift from John L. Bonello, a member of the class of 1965.  

This fund shall provide scholarship aid for undergraduate and graduate students at the Maine Business School at the University of Maine.  The Graduate School of Business, in consultation with the Office of Student Financial Aid, shall select the recipients.

George V. Nauman Scholarship Fund

Established in 1985 through the benefit of his widow, Isabel H. Nauman.  This fund shall provide scholarship assistance to worthy graduate and undergraduate students in Applied Economics or Business Administration who have financial need.  Selection of the recipients shall be made for graduate business students by the Graduate School in consultation with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Graduate School of Business Scholarships

The Graduate School of Business offers multiple small scholarships available to full and part-time students in the MaineMBA or Certificate Programs. Interested students can apply via the online application.

Graduate Trustee Tuition Scholarship

Up to 20 University of Maine graduate scholarships, which pay a year’s tuition, are available on a competitive basis to students enrolled in graduate programs. Scholarship recipients are required to register for nine hours of credit each semester. The Graduate School requests nominations from departments in early February.

Guvenc G. Alpander Fund

Established in 1996 with gifts from colleagues, alumni, family, and friends in honor of his 30 years of dedicated service to the College of Business Administration, where he served as director of the Masters of Business Administration Program and was also the holder of the Nicolas M. Salgo Professorship.

This fund shall support graduate students in the Masters of Business Administration Program for scholarship awards, stipends, and books.  This is awarded at the discretion of the Graduate School of Business.

John M. Webber School of Business

Established in 2007 with an initial gift from John M. Webber.  The purpose of the Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students enrolled in one of the Business School’s graduate-level programs at the University of Maine, Orono.

Preference is given to students studying international business or finance.  Scholarship awards shall be based on the potential for career success following graduation. The Graduate School of Business administration shall make the selection of the recipient.

MCF Regional Scholarships

Students can apply for a variety of scholarships through the Maine Community Foundation.

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship

The University of Maine Graduate School awards two scholarships that pay a year’s tuition are available to graduate students whose socioeconomic background, prior academic or work experience, and/or graduate educational interests would bring a unique perspective to the University of Maine community. Preference for these scholarships is given to individuals from groups traditionally underrepresented at the University of Maine. Scholarship recipients are required to register for nine hours of credit each semester. The Graduate School requests nominations from departments in early February.


Graduate Student Government Grants

The University of Maine Graduate Student Government awards individual grants for conference presentations, professional development, research supplies, and conference travel.

Maine Center Graduate Internships

MaineMBA students who secure an unfunded or partially funded, Maine-based internships may be eligible for a supplemental stipend through Maine Center Graduate Internship program. This program allows MaineMBA students to pursue full and part-time internships with Maine organizations which cannot support paid internships.