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Undergraduate Program

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers a four-year undergraduate program leading to the bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering which is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012 – telephone: (410) 347-7700.

In consultation with an academic advisor the student plans a program based on the approved Mechanical Engineering Curriculum. The format is a suggested program which can be modified within constraints of satisfying all the requirements and course prerequisites to satisfy scheduling needs or student preferences. The program has ten elective courses among the 42 courses required for the degree. Six of the electives must be approved courses in Human Values and Social Contexts, and four must be technical with the courses selected from specified groups. Lists of courses qualifying for these electives are also available in the Mechanical Engineering office. By careful use of this flexibility in electives, students may pursue in some depth their particular interests in both technical and non-technical subjects. Some Mechanical Engineering electives will not be offered every year.

Students may wish to declare a double major or obtain a second degree. One common choice is to combine mechanical and electrical engineering. A minimum of one extra year is ordinarily required for a double major or a double degree. The student should see his or her academic advisor early in the program to be sure all requirements are being met.

The Mechanical Engineering Department provides the students the opportunity to participate in a co-operative education course, MEE 394 – Mechanical Engineering Practice. The course is under the direction of Associate Professor Mike Boyle who is the mechanical engineering co-op advisor who monitors the student’s progress in the course. The course generally requires that appropriate project work be assigned by the co-operating company or agency.

Students who are enrolled in the undergraduate program can undertake an integrated program where the requirements of the fourth year of their basic curriculum and the additional courses of the five-year option are distributed to reinforce each other over the last two years of a five-year program. This five-year pulp and paper option in Mechanical Engineering is described in detail in the Chemical Engineering section of the University of Maine Undergraduate Catalog.. The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree and a pulp and paper certificate are awarded concurrently at the end of the fifth year of study.