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Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station

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Research Staff Directory

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Robert Causey Horse reproduction and infertility website
Anne Lichtenwanlner Sheep, goats, poultry, general animal health website
Martin Stokes Dairy cow nutrition, forages website
Charles Wallace Dairy cow reproduction website
James Webber Dairy cow reproduction website


Kathleen P. Bell Environmental economics, land use website
Hsiang-tai Cheng Marketing, food demand website
George K. Criner Waste management economics, international agricultural trade website
Todd Gabe Community economic development, public finance website
James McConnon Economic development, innovation, small business management website
Mario Teisl Information and labeling policy, environmental and social marketing, food safety website

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Robert Bayer Nutrition, management and physiology of lobsters website
Ian Bricknell Finfish culture and parasitology website
Stephen Coghlan Fish response to dam removal, role of anadromous fishes in stream food webs, ecology of headwater streams website
Teresa Johnson Marine policy, fisheries management, fishing communities website
Carol Kim Innate immune response in fish website
Michael T. Kinnison Aquatic ecology, population and conservation genetics, fish ecology website
Paul Rawson Oyster culture website
Rebecca Van Beneden Environmental toxicology, marine molecular genetics website
Richard Wahle Dynamics of benthic populations, communities, and fisheries website
Robert Wheeler Fungal infections in fish website
James Wilson Marine policy, fisheries sciences website

Foods and Nutrition

Rodney J. Bushway Toxicants, nutrients, and pesticides in food, water, and soil website
Beth Calder Food safety and processing technology, value-added food products website
Mary Ellen Camire Food processing and sensory evaluation, obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases, dietary supplements website
Dorthy J. Klimis-Zacas Trace minerals, benefits of wild blueberries, cardiovascular disease website
Denise I. Skonberg Food processing technology, value-added seafood products website
Adrienne A. White Young adult nutrition, behavior-change strategies; website
Vivian Chi-Hua Wu Food microbiology, food safety website


Jeffrey Benjamin Forest operations website
Michael Day Tree physiology and physiological ecology website
Douglas J. Gardner Wood Composites website
Rob Lilieholm Economics and policy website
William H. Livingston Tree health and pathology website
Robert Rice Wood science and physics website
Steven Sader Remote Sensing / GPS website
Robert Seymour Quantitative Silviculture website
Stephen Shaler Wood Science/Engineering website
Robert G. Wagner Silviculture / Forest Vegitation Management website
Aaron Weiskittel Biometrics and Modeling website
Alan S. White Ecology website


Andrei Alyokhin Integrated pest management, biological control, potato IPM website
Francis Drummond Pest management, pollination in blueberry, bumble bees and honey bees website
Eleanor Groden Invasive species, biological control website

Natural Resources

Aram Calhoun Vernal pool ecology and conservation, wetland ecology website
Christopher Cronan Plant ecology, ecosystem ecology, land use planning website
Julie Gosse Biochemical, molecular, and cellular toxicology website
Daniel J. Harrison Wildlife-habitat relationships, forest management practices, and predator ecology website Harrison@
Rebecca Holberton Bird ecology and behavior, bird migration and conservation website
Malcolm L. Hunter Conservation biology, forest wildlife management, international conservation website mhunter@
Brian Olsen Bird ecology, behavior, demography, and mating systems website
Andrew Reeve Hydrology website
Judith M. Rhymer Conservation biology and population biology website
Gayle Zydlewski Oceanography, fisheries sciences, ocean energy website


Seanna L. Annis Fungal pathogens of blueberry, general mycology (mushrooms) website
Stephanie Burnett Floriculture, greenhouse crop production, plant/soil water relations website
Christopher S. Campbell Systematic and reproductive biology website
Benildo G. de los Reyes Genomics of low-temperature stress tolerance in potato website
Eric Gallandt Sustainable agriculture, weed management, cropping systems website
Mark Hutton Vegetable varieties suitable for Maine; sustainable vegetable production practices website
Dave Lambert Diseases of potatoes and other horticultural crops website
Ellen Mallory Sustainable agriculture, nutrient cycling, cropping systems website
Renae Moran Apples and other tree fruit culture website
Greg Porter Potato management, physiology, and crop rotation website
Marianne Sarrantonio Sustainable agriculture, cover crops, cropping systems website
Stellos Tavantzis Molecular genetics of fungi, biological control of fungal diseases of potato website
Dave Yarborough Weed management in wild blueberries website

Recreation and Tourism

John Daigle Impacts of environmental and landscape changes website
Jessica Leahy Benefits of natural resource management website
Stephen Reiling Economic impact, policies affecting rural Maine


M. Susan Erich Chemistry and fertility website
Ivan Fernandez Residuals (sludge, ash, effluent) on soils, forest soil biogeochemistry website
Tsutomu Ohno Chemistry website

Contact Information

Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station
5782 Winslow Hall, The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5782
Phone: (207) 581-3202E-mail:
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469
A Member of the University of Maine System