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Welcome - Faculty & Staff

Stephanie Burnett
Ornamental plant production, greenhouse management, herbaceous perennials and floriculture.

Mary Fernandez
Student Academic Services Coordinator

Mark Hutton
Vegetable crop production practices in conventional and organic systems. Variety development.

Alan Langille, Professor Emeritus
Turfgrass Management

Brad Libby
Manager of Horticulture Facilities, Littlefield Gardens.
William L. Mitchell, Professor Emeritus
Landscape Architecture

Renae Moran
Tree fruit production and physiology.

Jack Smagula, Professor Emeritus
Plant Propagation and Blueberry Physiology

Bryan Peterson
Propagation, selection, and responsible use of woody ornamental plants.  Ecology, ecophysiology, and conservation of native taxa.

Lois Berg Stack
Invasive terrestrial plants, nursery and greenhouse production, landscape design and management.

Dave Yarborough
Blueberry and cranberry horticulture and weed/crop ecology.

Jaina Young
Landscape design, construction, management and computer-aided design.

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