The University of Maine’s licensing program ensures that merchandise bearing the University of Maine trademarks uphold the university’s image and fulfill the promise of quality to customers. Royalties collected are earmarked for UMaine scholarships.

Who needs a license?
Any manufacturer of products bearing a mark of the University of Maine must be licensed before offering the product for sale. Retail outlets are responsible for ensuring that the merchandise they sell is licensed.

What qualifies as a University of Maine trademark?
A University of Maine trademark is any name, word, symbol or device used to identify the goodwill and/or services of the University of Maine.


  • University of Maine
  • UMaine
  • Maine
  • Maine Black Bears
  • Black Bears

Who is responsible for the university’s licensing program and how do I become licensed?

The University of Maine contracts with Affinity Licensing. Visit Affinity Licensing’s website for information about becoming licensed.

Day-to-day administrative licensing reviews are handled through the Division of Marketing and Communications via Affinity Licensing’s online approval portal. Licensees submit product designs to Affinity Licensing and Affinity Licensing sends them to the Division of Marketing and Communications for final approval.

Use of graphical works is not largely permitted without first obtaining permission. This may surprise many people who think that a cartoon or drawing can be freely used once it has been published in a newspaper, book or website — it is not the case. Permission to use cartoons or photos may be arranged through syndicates or associations. Contact Creative Services at 207.581.3743 if you have questions.

A list of University of Maine licensed vendors can be found on Affinity Licensing’s website.

It is strongly recommended that items not being sold are also ordered through licensed vendors because of familiarity with UMaine’s brand standards, access to official art files and the streamlined proofing process. However, unlicensed vendors may be used with written approval from the Division of Marketing and Communications. An approved proof is required for approval prior to production by an unlicensed vendor.

Anti-­Sweatshop information

The University of Maine is an affiliate of the Fair Labor Association and requires all licensees to be FLA affiliates, and meet any and all obligations of maintaining this affiliation, including adherence to the FLA Code of Conduct. Additionally, UMaine through its licensing agent, Affinity Licensing, requires all licensees to disclose any and all manufacturers utilized in the production of University of Maine product.