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Welcome to Information Technologies

Get Connected


For wired connections, you will need an Ethernet cable. Check with IT on the best place to get one. Plug one end of the cable into the device, and the other into a data jack. In many rooms, they are orange.

For Wi-Fi, our official network name is Tempest.

Device Registration

For Laptop and Desktop Computers

Simply open your favorite web browser. A page titled Network Host Registration will appear. Log in with your UMS Account and follow any instructions.

For “Smart” Devices (Game Consoles, SmartTv’s, etc)

Visit and follow the instructions there.

Restart your Device After Registering!



Your UMS Account must be activated in order to register a device. If you have your ID# and Activation Key, visit Click the Account Activation link and follow the instructions on that page. Otherwise, contact the Tech Support Center.