Welcome to LGBTQ Services and the Rainbow Resource Center!


LGBTQ Services empowers and increases the visibility of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people by promoting equality and inclusiveness at the University of Maine. LGBTQ Services strives to maintain an open, safe, and supportive environment for all students, staff, faculty and alumni and provides educational opportunities, information, and advocacy services.

Our Vision

We are committed to build an inclusive campus community that does not merely tolerate, but respects and honors all individuals at the University of Maine. We envision a community were all live in equality.


Contact Us

LGBTQ Services
Division of Student Life
5748 Memorial Union, Room 224
Orono, ME, 04496
Phone: 207.581.1439

If you have any questions please contact Crissi Dalfonzo at christina.dalfonzo@maine.edu or Silvestre Guzman at silvestre.guzman@maine.edu


Core Values

  • Commitment to Diversity, Multicultural Competence and Equity: To prepare students to live responsibility in an increasingly global world. 
  • Education and Advocacy: To raise awareness of LGBTQ issues across campus through education and advocacy
  • Inclusivity and Broad Access: Create opportunities for all students to feel safe and welcomed and become active participants in the community
  • Student Development and Leadership: To provide all student the tools and opportunities to become involved and achieve their goals for success
  • Community Outreach: To meet the needs of the community through collaboration and innovation.