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Penquis Regional Administrator Support System (PRASS) - PRASS Policies


The deadline for the completion of your Administrator Action Plan (AAP) and the filing of your FINAL REPORT is the last three months of the school year. If you are to be recertified when your administrator certificate expires on June 30th of the current year, you must also file a completed Application for Certificate Renewal Form, along with a recommendation for renewal from PRASS, with the Maine Department of Education prior to the June 30th expiration date.

In order for PRASS to recommend you for certificate renewal, you must complete the following steps. The Review Committee strongly recommends that you communicate with your Review Committee Mentor for assistance in getting through these final steps.

  • Complete a written assessment (the FINAL REPORT) of your progress in completing the activities specified in your AAP, and the extent to which the activities helped you to meet your professional development goals and objectives as stated in your AAP. For each goal, include a summary of …
the activities actually undertaken (be specific),
…  the actual number of hours committed to each activity,
how you benefitted from the activity, in terms of the objective it was designed to serve, and
the aspects of each goal on which you need to continue to work.
  • Complete and sign the back of the Application for Certificate Renewal Form, that the the state sends directly to you. If you hold more than one certificate, be sure to indicate which certificate(s) that you wish to have renewed. You do not have to pay for renewing your certificate of current focus, but you may have to pay for other certificates that you are renewing.
  • Submit your FINAL REPORT and your completed renewal application form, but not the required fees (if any), to your Review Committee Mentor as soon as you have completed them. If the Review Committee concludes that your completed activities have met the professional growth goals included in your AAP, it will vote to recommend you for recertification. (Note: If you have not received your application for certificate renewal form by the time that you complete the writing of your final report, submit your final report to your Review Committee Mentor for action by the Review Committee. When you receive your application for renewal form from the state, submit it to the PRASS office for signing.)

Following the Review Committee’s vote to recommend you for recertification, the PRASS Coordinator will sign, on behalf of PRASS, the recommendation for recertification. The PRASS Coordinator will return the form to you and t is your responsibility to mail the application to the Maine Department of Education, along with any fees that you are required to pay.

The Review Committee urges you to be direct, honest, and as detailed as you can about how your activities did or did not assist you to become a better administrator. The purpose of PRASS is to make recertification relevant to your work. The final evaluation of your growth will help your Review Committee know how well this system is working.


The following assessment options shall be available for use by those candidates who previously completed the Administrator Needs Assessment Program (ANAP) and are beginning their second cycle of certificate renewal under the Maine Department of Education’s Chapter 502 regulations.

Option A

The Candidate, with his/her Review Committee Mentor will:

  • review his/her original ANAP summary to identify areas of relative weakness that were not targeted in the completed AAP.
  • review his/her portfolio matrix (professional portfolio analysis of background) to identify areas of relative strength and weakness.
  • review his/her portfolio materials for incomplete areas needing additional focus.
  • review his/her current job description and note any changes in same from the date of the previous ANAP.
  • solicit specific written feedback (recommended focus needs) from others who have direct knowledge of the candidate’s job responsibilities and his/her job performance.
  • summarize, in writing, the results of the reviews undertaken and submit this to the Review Committee as an attachment to his/her proposed AAP.

Option B

The Candidate, working with his/her Review Committee Mentor, may complete a new ANAP. This may be particularly appropriate in cases where the candidate’s current certificate of focus is different from his/her certificate of focus at the time the previous ANAP was completed.

If this option is selected, the other persons that the candidate asks to assess his/her skills, knowledge, and competencies by completing the ANAP should be different persons from those who previously completed an ANAP assessment of the candidate.

Option C

The Candidate, working with his/her Review Committee Mentor, may complete the PRASS Optional Administrator Needs Assessment Profile. This is a locally developed assessment instrument similar in design to the ANAP. Although it is similar in format to the ANAP and covers the same thirteen (13) areas of competency that the State of Maine has identified as required competencies to be assessed in the administrator recertification process, the Option “C” assessment instrument does not go into as much detail as the ANAP. The Option “C” assessment instrument requires a self assessment by the administrator and at least two other persons familiar with the administrator’s work.

An administrator who elects to undertake Option “C” must contact the PRASS office and request that the Option “C” forms be forwarded to him/her.

Administrator Action Plans (AAPs) for Administrators Moving Into the PRASS Region

If an administrator with an AAP previously approved by another administrator support system or by the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) becomes employed by an administrative unit that is a participating member of the Penquis Regional Administrator Support System (PRASS), the PRASS Review Committee may take any of the following actions with regard to the previously-approved AAP:

  • It may require that the Candidate’s AAP be revised.
  • It may allow the previously-approved plan to be completed with PRASS.
  • It may agree to allow the Candidate to complete his/her AAP with the administrator support system which approved it. It such cases, the former support system must send a letter to PRASS upon satisfactory completion of the AAP. PRASS will then recommend to the Maine Department of Education that the Candidate’s certificate(s) be renewed.

In the event that a Candidate disagrees with the Review Committee’s decision as to which course of action must be followed, the Candidate may appeal the Review Committee’s decision to the Governance Committee, whose decision shall be final.

Approved by the PRASS Governance Committee 5/24/94

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