Shipping a Package

If you are sending something out for official University Business, you MUST have an account number (get from your advisor) in which to charge the shipping expenses.


The mailroom uses a barcode label for its billing system. Package up your shipment and give to Molly with the account number. A barcode label will be printed and applied to the package. If the package is large, you may be required to deliver it to the mailroom, otherwise it will be put down in the outgoing mail box. The mailroom will apply the correct postage, mail out the package, and charge the account the amount of postage. If you want to insure it or track it, you would have to put a note on the package with instructions for the mailroom.


The University of Maine has a discount program with FedEx. FedEx picks up Express Packages at the University mailroom every afternoon, they are reasonably priced, they provide a tracking number, and you can see who signed for the package if there is a dispute. If the package is rather small (about the size of a paper box), you can put a FedEx shipping label on it and put the box with the outgoing mail. We have pre-printed supplies in Room 210 with a tracking number. Make sure you give Rena Carey a copy of the shipping label and the account number you want to use.

If we miss the daily mail pickup at around 11:15, you can take it to the mailroom before 3:00 pm or we can call FedEx for a pick up. We must call before 3:00 pm. If the package is to go FedEx Ground, we must call for a pick up and they will not come until the next day. If you have a Next Day Air envelope, there is one drop box outside of the Memorial Gymnasium that gets picked up at 4:45 Monday-Friday.

3. UPS

The Department has a UPS account but no automatic daily pickup is offered – you must call them for a pick up.  As long as you call by 3:30 pm, they will pick up ANY package the same day you call.  Again, you must reference an account number on the shipping label and be sure Katherine gets a copy for the accounting files.  If you have a UPS Air Letter or Pak, there is a drop box located outside of the Memorial Gymnasium that gets picked up at 4:30 pm Monday-Friday.